WBVPN is a dedicated site with the just one aim.  That is, providing you with the most up to date information and guidance with regards to choosing your VPN provider.

These days Virtual private networks are in ever increasing demand.  With employers utilising them to enable remote access to company information and  utilities.  But often VPN’s are required for a more personal reason.  Internet privacy!

Internet privacy is something that we should all be concerned with.  With tracking technology and software as advanced as it has ever been, we are all being scrutinised.  If not by a person, then by a non-stop 24 hour number crunching server,  analysing surfing habits, purchases, downloads, current location and even emails.

A VPN can help keep you away from the spotlight.  The virtual private network you log on to fools ISP,s and tracking agencies about your current location and your individual IP address.  this opens up the capability of your web experience in that ISP blocked sites will be open to you.  theses sites may be blocked due to your geographical location, time zone,  content and much much more